by Harbour

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released August 4, 2017

All songs written and performed by Harbour. Recorded & Produced by Jakub Andrew (Nashville, TN). Vocals Recorded & Produced by Austin Nivarel & Eric Tuffendsam. Mixed & Mastered by Austin Nivarel & Eric Tuffendsam at Moonlight Studios (Cincinnati, OH). Artwork by Zack Cobb. Photo by Brandon Varker. All songs (C) Harbour Music, LLC 2017; (P) Counter Rhythm Works (BMI) 2017



all rights reserved


Harbour Cincinnati, Ohio

Indie Alternative Rock from Lebanon, OH. Let's have some fun.

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Track Name: WAITTYN
I know I gotta take control.
Or I'm just gonna watch you go.
And I don't wanna lose.
Because I know that I want you.
So I gotta let you know.

You took control of my head.
Couldn't look away.
Wouldn't wanna use you, I just wanna let you in.
Though you got another man,
I'm saying he hasn't got a clue.
We'd be better off than you two.
Come and let me fill you in.

Baby I know that it is you I want and I can't help it. It's getting out of control.
So if you want me too then just take me, 'cause who am I to tell you no?

Lately I've been watching.
See you with him.
I just wanna bring to life what you deserve much better than.
So if you want a better man..
I'm telling you I'm not gonna use you, I don't wanna lose you.
I just wanna let you in.

You know that I've been going crazy for ya.
Track Name: ILY
Don't want another.
Another one like you.
All of the others are looking better,
I'll never admit that I ever really wanted you.

I'll never fall in head over heels again.
I'll never wear my heart on my sleeve and I'll never admit it was ever better in the end.
I'm swearing to myself that I'll never fall in love again.

I don't know what else to say, can't say it another way "I love you."
And I don't know what else to do, I never meant to fall for you, I still do love you.

You said you'd catch me, yet here I am again. You let me fall in right off the deep end.
Quit before I break, I don't know how much further I can bend.
I'm swearing to myself that I'll never fall in love again.

I can fight it, that's alright.
But it'll find me, if it wants to.
Can't deny it.
It's always right. Even if I believe that I don't want to love you.
Track Name: Get You High
Don't change your mind, honey I'm on it.
Do anything you want but let the thought subside.
And in my arms honey I got ya.
Don't worry about a thing and lay your head by mine tonight.

Don't change your mind honey I'm on it.
And I don't really care about the other guys.
You're so fly honey I love it.
I literally cannot get You out my mind.

I just wanna get you high on me.
I just wanna make you wanna make me yours.
Come on baby I just wanna love you more.

Oh no, oh no,
I got a nervous feeling in my belly, I can't seem to let it go.
'Cause I'm falling in love, and honey I don't think I'll ever get up 'cause I know..

I know, I know,
That you're the closest thing to heaven dear to me the earth has ever shown.
I'm not letting you go.
Oh baby never letting you go.

I just wanna get You High on me,
I just wanna make you wanna make me yours.
I don't wanna just get by honey.
Never loved anyone like you before.

"Don't go."
Even though I know you're already gone.
Oh I don't wanna believe, I don't wanna leave it.

Don't change your mind honey I'm on it.
So don't worry about a thing and lay your head by mine tonight.
Track Name: Oh No!
See ya,
I wouldn't marry me either.
She'd be perfectly fine on her own.
Me on the other hand girl I need ya.
Oh no, oh no!

Take me home tonight.
Because I wanna be by ya, right by your side and,
Lay me in your bed tonight.
I can't believe my eyes, your body's such a sight.

Nothing's wrong tonight.
I couldn't ruin it no matter how hard I try it.
Let's fall in love tonight.
I can't believe my eyes, your body's such a sight.


Something's wrong tonight.
Can't point it out but I can feel it,
Bringing me down tonight.
Nothing's been said but I can see it in your eyes.
Tell me I'm wrong 'cause I don't wanna be right.

I can't live for nothing.
I can't change your mind.
Please just give me something to feel alright.
Ease my mind.
Track Name: Obvious
Honey let's get back to us.
You can't tell me this was all for nothing.
Because I know we're worth the fight.
You and I were always right.
Girl it's obvious.

Honey let's get back to us,
All this time apart who are we kidding?
No-one will ever measure up,
No matter what, it isn't us.
And it's obvious.

Two for the show and one for the money baby.
Won't let you go.
'Cause money's not enough in this case.
Heartbreak has shown that when you know you know.
And babe I know.

It's the kind of love that's so contagious.
You blow a kiss too hot to touch.
And we'll watch the room go up on fire with our love.
You'll always be the one I want.

Don't need you to save me baby but you have.
I know we're built to last.
Don't need you to save me baby but you have.
You took my heart and never gave it back.
And I know that what we have will always be enough.
Wouldn't know what love's supposed to be if not for us.
And I know that what we have will always be enough.
And I never want to lose it babe.
Track Name: Prolong

Keep my emotions roped,
Since watching Splendidly go.
My best songs have always been about you, now that you're gone I guess they're already wrote.

Let my sanity choke.
Brine my liver and soak.
Just keep telling me, and telling me, you got, you got, you gotta get over it though.
Just keep telling me, and telling me, and telling me something I already know.

Honey I don't even wanna tell you what I'm thinking.

You're telling me that you're unsure.
And I'm telling you that that's all wrong.
'Cause I know I feel it in my bones, and I'll always hear you in our song.
And though I'm telling you it's all alright,
Melancholy spits a heavy dose.
So just go on, 'cause if you're gonna be the death of me then I don't wanna prolong it.

Watching you go it alone.
Less subtle you seemingly glow.
Making it harder for me, you make it easy to see you never wanted or needed me though.

Through distance we've come so close.
You planted with hope that I'd grow.
But I can see in your eyes, so sick of fertilizing me it's time to just let it all go.
So she said that if you wanted to be the person that I need you gotta want to grow on your own.


Harboring a feeling of a lack of safety, there's still no place I'd ever wanna roam.
Still even despite all of our miscues lately, I'm bound to get You back again I know.
Track Name: It's Gettin' Better
So we'll run.
'Cause we're a million miles from empty.
And I know we'll keep going 'cause we'll never get enough of it.

Steady on,
With no sense of navigation.
And we'll talk about loving it until we get enough of it.
But I know we'll keep talking 'cause we'll never get enough of it.

I can't believe that it's over now,
But I know it's Gettin' better, I know it's Gettin' better for you.
It's Gettin' better.

You changed your mind and I never saw it coming love.
So take your time 'cause I'll never be the one you want.

Digress, I guess you got enough of it.
But I'll digest; I'll always take the brunt of it.


Eyes like tides,
Spilling salt and pride.
Over words concise, no I can't be what you want.

It was standard line,
Still my heart capsized.
Felt the butterflies dying in that rush of blood.

I said cauterize my wounded mind.
Burn away the times that you swore I was the one.

I can't lie,
I've stayed blind.
Eternity together still would never be enough.
Track Name: Hell Yeah
Take your time 'cause I ain't got no worries inside my mind.
'Cause I know everything's alright.

Don't know what I believe,
Don't know what tomorrow will bring but we'll see.
Everything will turn around eventually.
Everything will turn around but..

Oh no, maybe I'm wrong.
Pour me a drink and it better be strong.
I think our best days have already come and gone.
Hell yeah, hell yeah.

I think about the times we say on the balcony all damn night,
Talking about anything and drown ourselves in rye.

And your corporate company oppressed who you used to be with me.
But everything will turn around eventually.

You're gonna be who you were meant to be.

Everything will turn around but...

Oh no, maybe I'm wrong.
Pour me a drink and it better be strong.
I think our best days have already come and gone.

And oh no, look at their lives.
A nine to five ain't what yours should look like.
Put on a tie and you come home every night.
Hell yeah, hell yeah.

So take your time and die.
Because you never really learned to live your life.
You were only doing what you're told was right.

Will it ever turn around?
Track Name: Pointless Talk
I've been choosing my,
My words very closely.
I've been losing my,
My mind is sick and baby I know it.

I don't have the time to think so remotely.
Criticize my lines,
I promise kid you don't even know me.

Don't you come around here.
The pointless talk is really getting old.
Don't you come around here.
I don't care baby I don't really wanna know.
Don't you come around here.
It doesn't matter so just let it go.
Don't you come around here,
I don't wanna know.

Take me back to the summer.
'Cause honey I don't wanna mess around.
Winter's getting closer.
It's here and then it's over.
This worlds such a bummer.
But honey I won't let it take me down.
I'm gonna make the most of my time before it's over.

Scream it to me love.
What does it mean to me?
I don't wanna know.
What does it mean love?
I don't wanna know.
Track Name: SOCO
Oh Oh,
I'm sippin' on SOCO.
Not a worry in the whole world.
I wet my lips and let the sun's glow cover my skin.

Go slow, lose all control.
Responsibility can stay with the snow.
I'm vibing heat with the sand in my toes.
Life is better when you just let go.

Oooh, We Gotta Let Go!
Oh I know We Gotta Let Go!

Now now,
Everybody put your phones down.
The sun is out but your head's in the cloud.
I'm dropping signal, can you hear me now?
Don't miss a minute, life's just to short (you'll find) me sleeping on the beach, and watch the sun rise.
Strings to the north but I'm cutting all ties, gonna live like a runaway kid 'till I die.
Track Name: Judy You Hung the Moon
A cornfield and car lot town,
Everybody's running around.
Most cruise through.

Swimming hole, the sun was out
I saw this long legged girl around.
And I knew she'd be true.

Summer nights together driving cobra, no headlights, rum and coca-cola
We'd drive all night 503 until the morning.

By my side, my little honey at the drive-in. Friday nights playin' rummy, never let you lose. Judy you hung the moon.

A nickel bought the malt you like,
Go to the jukebox and put in a dime.
We'd groove to "Peggy Sue"

We'd go for a drive.
Cruise-In on a Saturday night,
Make out through "Cool Hand Luke"

You don't see yourself the way that I see you.